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I am a Brazilian nutritionist and also a person naturally in love with a healthy and light life, in every way.

And it is this vision that I always try to bring to my work with my patients – building strong health, but without giving up a happy life. Quite the contrary – health and happiness MUST go together.

I am a post graduate in "Clinical and Hospital Nutrition" and in "Nutrition with emphasis on Family Health Strategy".
Specialist in behavioral nutrition and Wellness, which allows a broader view of limiting beliefs that can be blocked in the search for health.
I have been working for more than 15 years with services in offices, hospitals and companies, with a focus on treating illnesses and imbalances, improving vitality, detoxification and weight loss.

My goal is to help those looking for me to find their unique path of evolution, which not only brings results, but also allows them to bring joy in eating well.
I believe that the secret to a full life is to fall in love with healthy eating and lifestyle, so this process becomes natural and spontaneous, without the need to diet.

My goal is to guide and guide this beautiful process, bringing more knowledge and self-awareness to those who seek me out.

"Relearning to listen to your body is one of the ways to live better."

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Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

With a holistic and biopsychosocial look at the human being, Naira Girardi is recognized for vehemently defending the concept of real food, that is, a food free of processed foods, sausages, preservatives, dyes and many other devices currently used, which she considers harmful to the health of the organism.

Achieve a Healthier Life in its Entirety
Body | Mind | Spirit

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"I nodde to Naira Girardi as a wellness coach because his guidance and prescriptions had the effect I was looking for, both in improving my biochemistry exams and on my physical appearance."

Ricardo, 40

Nourish Your Body & Soul

"I wish you can find your path to health and that can bring you and your family more years of life with quality, self-esteem, disposition, balance and much happiness."

With Affection, Naira.

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