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My Story

I am a nutritionist passionate about research, integrative nutrition and healthy eating without radicalism and guilt.

I've been working for 13 years with clinical office care, hospital care, public health with an emphasis on the Family Health Strategy and companies, focusing on treatment and especially on disease prevention and achieving healthy and effective weight loss.

Postgraduate in Clinical Nutrition – Hospital at the Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto – FAMERP and at the University Center of Rio Preto – UNIRP.


Multidisciplinary Residency in Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto – FAMERP and Health Department of São José do Rio Preto.

My goal is to guide and guide you on the path to a healthy life in a light and without radicalism and help you discover the passion for natural and healthy eating, making your food your medicine.

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The consultations aim to promote food awareness and re-education.

After evaluation, individual goals and objectives are determined so that a personalized meal plan can be defined.

When necessary, vitamin, mineral, herbal or amino acid supplements are also indicated, according to the defined objective and goal.

Another important point is the suggestion of recipes and indications of brands and suppliers, so that it is easier to put the food plan into practice.

At each new consultation, we will evaluate and redefine the new goals, according to the results.

With support, lots of conversation and exchange of information, it will be easier to incorporate new habits and truly access quality of life.

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